Willow Instructors

Bambi WattBambi Watt, Owner of Willow Pilates Studio
Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Xtend Barre & Stick Instructor and TRX Certified

Certified Pilates and Xtend instructor Bambi Watt is the owner of Willow Pilates Studio, Nashville’s premier Pilates studio for 12 years running. After the birth of her first child in 1995, Watt hired a personal trainer to help her get back in shape. By 1996 she had become an ACE and AFAA certified personal trainer herself. Seeking an emphasis for her personal training, Bambi started Pilates in 1997 and loved the method. She studied with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska and completed her Pilates certification, teaching out of her home until she opened Willow in 1999. After witnessing Xtend Barre™’s amazing workout and its immediate results, Bambi became a certified Xtend instructor and introduced Xtend to Willow Pilates Studio in 2010. In February 2011, she opened Xtend Barre Nashville, located in the Brentwood/Franklin area.


Amy BergesenAmy Bergesen, PhD
Certified Pilates Instructor

The non-impact environment of Pilates and its personalized care of injuries reshaped as well as healed Amy’s body, and in 2001 she was certified by the Pilates Studio of New York under Romana Kryzanowska. To enhance the benefits of Pilates, Amy uses Muscle Activation Techniques TM, a system that corrects muscular imbalances. She is the co-creator of the FaceTonics facial strengthening regimen and co-editor of the anthology Voices of Classical Pilates.


Dede BrignardelloDede Brignardello
Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Xtend Barre & Stick Instructor

While attending Western Kentucky University, Dede Brignardello participated in both WKU’s gymnastics team and riding program. After graduating as a Physical Education major, Dede continued riding, shifting her emphasis from Western to dressage. She has found that Pilates is the perfect complement to her riding, each practice strengthening the other. Dede completed her first pilates certification with the Physical Mind Institute of Chicago in 1999.  Dede completed her second Pilates certification in 2000 at the Pilates Studios of Atlanta and New York under Romana and Sari.  Dede continued her pilates education with the study of Gyrotonic.  When Xtend Barre came to Willow, Dede became a certified instructor.  Her clients have been thrilled to compliment their pilates workouts with Xtend Barre. Dede has been a fitness professional for over fifteen years. Her career has spanned from aerobics and personal training to spin and Pilates.


Paige BainbridgePaige Bainbridge
Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Xtend Barre & Stick Instructor

Paige Bainbridge grew up in Nashville and attended Harpeth Hall School, where she participated in their dance program. She graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was a member of a modern dance company and choreographer of school musicals. Paige discovered Pilates after the birth of her first child in 1998. She immediately became “addicted” to Pilates to help her get back in shape after childbirth, especially because it seemed to integrate and compliment many dance principles. Paige became certified in Pilates through the Pilates Studio of Atlanta in 2001. She has been teaching at Willow Pilates Studio ever since. She now has two boys, and besides being a Pilates instructor and mom, she is a singer and songwriter.

Paige enjoys seeing Pilates transform different clients’ bodies and lives. She has clients of all ages, from 16 to 80.  And, with her Xtend classes, Paige can incorporate her dance, pilates, music and fitness backgrounds into a workout that accommodates all ages and sizes. “I feel blessed to go to work every day. I love what I do and I love spreading Pilates and Xtend Barre out into the world!”


Susie CampionSusie Campion
Certified Pilates Instructor and Certified Xtend Barre & Stick Instructor

Susie made her way south from Michigan in 1997.  Being a fitness instructor; aerobics, step, sculpting and yoga, she discovered Pilates along the way.  Susie was hooked on Pilates when she realized that it could create long lean muscles, promote healing from old injuries and shape her body.  She was Power Pilates certified in 2005 under Sylvia Gamonet.  Her Pilates education continues through workshops that help to keep her Pilates skills polished.  For Susie, the greatest thing about Pilates is seeing results in her clients who have had injuries transform themselves into healthy individuals.  And now, with Xtend Barre, her clients can add a full body workout that helps them continue to achieve that long, lean, strong body.


Sylvia GamonetSylvia Gamonet
Certified Pilates & Gyrotonic Instructor and Certified Xtend Barre Instructor

Sylvia Gamonet is a native of Lima, Peru. Formerly a professional ballet dancer, she holds a BFA in dance from the School of the Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she received extensive training in ballet, modern dance, music and ballet history. Ms. Gamonet was a member of the Nashville Ballet Faculty for 8 years. She danced with the Peruvian National Ballet, Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires, Ballet Oklahoma and California Ballet. She holds a fitness trainer certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. Ms Gamonet received her Pilates training from master teacher Romana Kryzanowska in the traditional method in 1995. She also is the only certified Gyrotonic Teacher in Nashville, TN. Ms Gamonet was also the first Pilates instructor in the state of Tennessee. She joined the Power Pilates Team in 2004 and became a Teacher Trainer in 2006. Ms Gamonet has worked with every range of physical ability, from professional dancers , ice skaters, competitive tri- athletes to those recovering from MS, fibromyalgia, heart attack, back and knee surgery, and hip and knee replacement. Ms Gamonet currently runs the Power Pilates Training Center in Nashville, TN at Willow Studio.  Sylvia became a certified instructor in Xtend Barre and loved it so much that she has also become a certified Xtend teacher trainer.


photoLyndsey Jett
Certified Xtend Barre Instructor

With no dance background, Lindsey was apprehensive to try Xtend Barre.  However, she was instantly addicted to the mind and body challenge!  Her love for the method, as well as the amazing results that she experienced, led her to become an instructor herself.  Lindsey looks forward to sharing her passion with clients.  She is thrilled to join the Willow Pilates Studio team and looks forward to meeting you at the barre!



Kelly RogersKelly Rogers
Certified Power Pilates Instructor

Certified Xtend Barre Stick Instructor

Certified in Stretch Therapy (F.I.T. Stretch)
Certified Zumba Instructor & TRX Certified

Kelly Rogers has been teaching Pilates in the middle Tennessee area since 2006.  Power Pilates Certified, Kelly has experience working with all sorts of fitness levels and injuries.  She enjoys working with people and especially loves the relationships that she builds with her clients.  Kelly is also a talented singer, dancer, and actress with a minor in dance from Belmont University and collegiate training in classical, musical theatre, and commercial vocal performance.  Kelly also teaches Zumba, Cardio Dance, and Personal Fitness sessions where she uses her in depth Pilates training to help clients improve their performance and results with cardio and weight training.  Kelly loves what she does, and she truly enjoys being a part of her clients' successes.



heather headshot bw smHeather Holloway
Certified Power Pilates Instructor and TRX Certified
Certified Xtend Barre & Stick Instructor

Born and raised in Nashville, Heather started dancing at the age of three and Pilates at 14 with Sylvia Gamonet, Tennessee's first Pilates Instructor. She trained with the School of Nashville Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Franklin School of Preforming Arts, DC Dance Factory and Ann Reinking's Broadway Theater Project where she had the opportunity to work with Ann Reinking, Gregory Hines, Gwen Verdon and Julie Andrews. She has preformed with the Nashville Ballet, Tennessee Repertory Theater, Ann Reinking's Broadway Theater Project and Circle Players. After spending a decade in New York and working in the corporate world, she decided to return to Nashville and her movement roots. She was introduced to Xtend in 2010 and loved the opportunity to include the fundamentals of ballet and pilates within a total body workout. She is a certified Pilates Mat instructor through Power Pilates, certified in Xtend Barre and is also a Health Coach for marilu.com.  Heather completed her Power Pilates Comprehensive Certification in 2012.  Her test scores and abilities blew us away!


photo4 Kate Kastelnik
Certified Power Pilates Instructor

Kate, a former professional dancer with Nashville Ballet, hails from Pennsylvania, where she was raised by musicians. She became a certified Power Pilates Mat instructor in 2011 and completed the Power Pilates Comprehensive Program in 2012 at Willow. She first began to incorporate Pilates into her dance practice in 1999 as she joined the Nashville Ballet after earning her BA in Dance at Point Park University. She was amazed at how Pilates enriched her dancing and could heal and prevent injuries. After 10 years of performing on the stage, Kate made the transition to a dance teaching career.  Her experience with Pilates became a strong influence in her teaching to beginners, professionals, and college students.  Since becoming a certified Pilates Instructor, she has been thrilled to see the life-changing results her clients experience through Pilates. Kate's enthusiasm combined with her dance and musical backgrounds lend a unique style to her teaching. She has worked with a wide variety of clientele, including several members of Nashville Ballet, many of whom have been recovering from injuries or surgeries.  

In addition to teaching Pilates, Kate is currently on the Dance faculties at Middle Tennessee State University and Franklin School of Performing Arts, where she teaches Ballet, Pointe, and repertory.


LisaS Lisa Spradley
Certified Power Pilates Instructor
Certified Xtend Barre Stick Instructor

Having fallen in love with dance at a very young age, Lisa has always felt at her best when moving. Pilates was a natural step to a deeper understanding of pain free, efficient movement for all of life's challenges. We all only get one body to last that lifetime. This very focused but comprehensive work reaches into every area of the body to build strength, stretch, an innate confidence and a wonderul sharpening of the mind.  Lisa started her Pilates study in 1996 as a student with Sylvia Gamonet and over the next decade, completed her first mat certification. As her children grew she found the time to focus on the comprehensive certification and passed the full system standards with Power Pilates in September of 2012. She continues to enjoy teaching at the School of Nashville Ballet (since 1997) while acting as Co-Artistic Director of Epiphany Dance Company. Lisa has studied with master teachers from around the U.S. and especially enjoys taking class to gain new perspective and spark new connections. Her Pilates clients range in age from 13 to 75, and she feels very honored to witness the transformative effect of the work. Lisa believes everyone has the potential to move through life with a grace and confidence that comes with the study of Pilates.



emily Emily Schneider
Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Xtend Barre & Stick Instructor and TRX Certified

Emily began dance training at age two and was introduced to the benefits of Pilates at age fifteen. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Clarice Smith Performing Arts School at the University of Maryland, College Park. Prior to becoming an instructor, Emily had a career in journalism at ABC News. Emily would use Pilates as her relief from the world of broadcast news. And so, after being a student of Pilates for nearly 10 years Emily chose to shift her career focus and became a Pilates instructor. She has taught in successful studios in both South Florida (where she met, bonded and began work with Xtend Barre Workout creator and owner Andrea Rogers) and New Jersey. Emily helped introduce the brilliance of Xtend to its first northeast location – Renaissance Pilates in Hoboken, New Jersey, in 2008. Emily's extensive background in dance, kinesiology, anatomy and training in Laban Movement Analysis helps her to understand the body, instruct students in the quality of proper movement and better assist clients in achieving results. Emily is certified through Power Pilates, All-America Pilates, Stroller Strides, and Xtend Barre.



joJo Coorts
Certified Power Pilates Instructor
TRX Certified

Originating from the UK she became a Certified Fitness Instructor and owner of Atlantis Gymnasium.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Performing Arts Degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she studied the Martha Graham technique and Ballet.  Following came an extensive professional dance career, working in Musical Theatre productions, Contemporary Dance Companies, and TV, both in London and Worldwide. It was at this time she first became introduced to Pilates and throughout her dance career has experienced and witnessed its many benefits.  Her love of anatomy and movement led her to become a Certified Sports Massage Therapist. She worked as a resident massage therapist on musical the theatre shows, ‘Sinatra’ & ‘On The Town’.  She also worked as a resident massage therapist at Church Chiropractic and The Sanctuary ladies Spa in London.  Moving to Nashville, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist furthering her knowledge in Myofascial Release, John Barnes Method which she practices here in Nashville.  Joanne has always had a love of teaching and anatomy and becoming Pilates certified had always been a desire of hers.  In 2011 she began her 600 hours comprehensive training to become a Certified Power Pilates Instructor.  Joanne’s attention to detail and technique helps clients develop a deep understanding of their own bodies and movement patterns. She is thrilled to be sharing this method with her clients, helping them maintain physical fitness, create long lean muscles, address compensatory patterns/injuries and reduce pain.



Rebecca Sosman Rebecca Sosman
Certified Xtend Barre Instructor

Rebecca has been in motion for as long as she’s been alive and has spent much of her life exploring new ways to do so. At three years old, she was introduced to dance training and has since dedicated her life to it. As a senior in high school at the University School of Nashville, Rebecca prepares for college in the fall where she will further explore her passion for Dance. Rebecca is excited to be a member of the Willow team and can’t wait to teach your class!



aiden 100 Aidan Watt
Certified Xtend Barre Instructor & TRX Certified

Aidan Watt loves adventure! Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Aidan is the son of Willow's owner, Bambi Watt. No stranger to the spotlight, Aidan has performed in numerous theater productions as well as stand-up comedy, dance, and improv at the University School of Nashville. As a senior in High School Aidan prepares to attend Film School in the Fall. In the meantime, he chases his next adventure and challenge: fitness! Aidan can’t wait to teach you how to chisel your bod à la Xtend!



Mindy Sontag Mindy Sontag
Certified Xtend Barre Instructor & TRX Certified

In 2011, Mindy discovered Xtend Barre and was instantly hooked! From the age of 6 she danced: ballet, modern, jazz and tap. Later she enjoyed weight training, boxing and group fitness classes. She was a little over 50 when she tried Xtend, and she knew she’d found the perfect combination of dance and fitness to help her stay lean and toned at this stage of her life. Mindy’s passion about her empty nest career shines in her classes!



Paula Nascimento Paula Nascimento
Certified Xtend Barre Instructor

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Paula started dancing at age 4, and her passion for dance and movement grew stronger with each year. Throughout her dance training she gained extensive knowledge in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Flamenco, Afro dancing and Street Jazz Heels. After graduating from the Maria Olenewa Dance Academy in Rio de Janeiro and a career as a professional dancer, Paula was inspired to study the human body on a deeper level.  She received her Bachelors Degree in Physical Education in 2009 in Brazil. While attending University, she became Certified in Pilates which later led her to fall in love with the full body workout that is Xtend Barre.  With her knowledge of what works best for varying clients, she decided to create a combination of fitness, dance, and her own culture to make a fun and energetic workout where clients can experience the Brazilian rhythms, get fit and have a good time--Brazilian Burn.