Willow Pilates Studio is proud to be a part of a community that focuses on helping others.  The Willow Team continually strives to help their clients, local schools, charities, animal rescues, and disaster victims whenever we can.

We happily donate to school and charity auctions in the hope of supporting our community.  It is an honor to help a school raise funds to improve their ability to educate children.  And, it is a wonderful feeling to help a charity that feeds children, or supports abused women, or continues the development of the arts in Nashville.   

With the use of social networking, The Willow Team helped raise thousands of dollars for victims of the Nashville Flood.  Remarkably, letters and checks were sent from all over the country to the flood victims that we helped.  That was amazing!  In-house, we collected household items and funds for families that were forced to start over after losing everything to the flood.  Sadly, some of The Willow Team were directly affected by the flood.  We rallied, like most Nashvillians, and showed up with food, necessities, and trash bags to help clean and rebuild.  Thankfully, Willow was not flooded, but other studios were, so we offered local trainers a place to work, with the understanding that once rebuilt, they would return to their studios, as we would not want to profit from another's tragedy.   

Our Manager, Laura, is a HUGE animal lover and has organized multiple fundraisers for rescues and disaster victims.  For example, carloads of collected items were taken to Tuscaloosa and Joplin after horrible tornadoes ravaged the areas.  We were excited to collect 4 carloads of dog and cat food for the Nashville Humane Association's food bank through a fundraiser that offered a free class for a bag of pet food.  Since Willow accepts animal donations at all times, we are always collecting and delivering items to rescues in need.  Sadly, there is always a need, but thankfully, donations are continually donated by our wonderful clients and trainers.  We also love to help with finding a lost dog, or promoting foster homes for animals, or even capturing a kitten in our dumpster and finding her a loving home within the day.  That was a really good day!

Since we have a large family of employees, we decided that adopting a family for Christmas would be a much better way to celebrate the season than giving each other gifts.  We chose the YWCA program that helps abused women and their children get out of a bad situation and rebuild their lives.  It is such a wonderful program and buying all of the necessities but also the fun kid's toys is such a rewarding experience.  We highly recommend the YWCA's programs for women!

Over 16 years, Willow has built a wonderful community.  We pride ourselves on helping our clients.  If their need is small, like needing a dog-sitter, or, if their need is large, like organizing a food calendar after a client's surgery, we are proud to help in any way.  Since our clients instantly become our friends, our desire is to always offer a helping hand and, of course, an AMAZING workout!