Class Schedule

pilates class
All classes require a reservation and have a strict 4 hour cancellation policy.
Drop-ins are always welcome if there is space.


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Studio Access

Our group classes take place on the second floor of our studio.  For safety reasons, if no one is on the first floor of Willow, the front door will be locked.  If you will be late to a class, please call before the scheduled start time, so the class instructor will know that you are coming.  Because our classes have a set flow and time frame, it is difficult to pause to let late people in, so PLEASE do your best to be on time to all night and Saturday classes.

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If you do not see the time you want, grab a few friends and create your own class!

Classes require payment in full prior to the class or at time of service. Membership is not required for any sessions or classes.  Membership allows clients to purchase package deals and offers lower prices for classes and sessions.  Late cancels and no-shows will be charged.



Class Schedule


All classes require a reservation. Drop-ins are always welcome if there is space available.  Clients must cancel their reservation 4 hours prior to the class.  Classes require 2 clients; if only 1 person is signed up 2 hours prior to the class time, the class will be canceled for the day.
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8:00am - Pilates Fusion with Heather
9:00am - Open Level Mat with Bambi
12:00pm - Xtend Barre with Dede
5:30pm - Xtend Barre with Heather
6:30pm - Beginner/Intermediate Mat with Heather
8:15am - Xtend Barre Stick with Paige
9:30am - Beginner Mat with Kate
10:30am - Xtend Arms & Abs with Bambi
5:30pm - Xtend Barre Stick with Kelly
6:30pm - Xtend Barre with Heather
8:00am - Beginner Mat with Jo
9:00am - Xtend Barre with Heather
12:00pm - Xtend Barre with Dede
5:45pm - Xtend Barre with Lindsey 
8:30am - Intermediate Mat with Heather
10:30am - Xtend Lower Body Blast with Bambi
5:30pm - Pilates Fusion with Kelly
6:30pm - Open Level Mat with Lisa
8:00am - Beginner/Intermediate Mat with Paige
9:00am - Intermediate/Advanced* Mat with Emily
10:00am - Xtend Barre:  Emily's Choice
12:00pm - Xtend Barre with Dede
9:00am - Open Level Mat with Heather
10:00am - Xtend Barre with Heather
2:00pm - Xtend Barre with Paige/Aidan/Rebecca 

*Note: Clients must be pre-approved by instructors for advanced classes.

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--Class schedule subject to change--